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Just want to take a moment to remind people to keep the reviews based on your experiences with the companies your reviewing. Also and most importantly having proof is crucial. If you make a defamatory statement about a company I highly recommend having the proof to back it up. As always DinarReview is here for the people to help people understand who is safe to purchase from. We want all your feedback. We are making this post to remind people to be safe and help each other. Good luck and good trading folks. On a lighter note. Despite the recent events in Iraq many believe these are the events ... Read On

Even more things!

We have decided to rethink the listing method of DR, It has become apparent that Dinar sellers sites listed here could be at the top of the list with only 1 vote. So basically if a new seller gets on here and someone gives them a 5 star rating. They will show up at the top of the list. This isn’t really what we want to display. With that said we have changed the listing method to show the sellers with the most votes. This could however show a seller at the top of the list with a very bad rating. They would still have a poor rating that is obvious at a glance. *** IN OTHER NEWS *** We have ad... Read On

Had to remove a seller.

Unfortunatly we had to remove a seller from our page. Dinarcorp’s page on this site is flooded with false posts. All from the same IP address. Since this page has had this exact same problem multiple times we have decided they do not meet the requirements to be reviewed by dinar review. As always we only recommend buying from sellers that have a good review standing. Always remember you can’t please everyone all of the time, However quickly reviewing a sellers page that has many good posts and potentially 1 bad post or so doesn’t mean they aren’t a good and trustworthy ... Read On

Its a good day to buy?

We’ve heard alot of chatter lately. We want to take this opportunity to remind people make smart choices. Do your research, We recommend only buying from high ranked sites. Just because a site isn’t ranked or on DR available to review doesn’t mean its not legit It just means they have not requested to be here or we do not feel they need to be addressed here. As Always we would like to thank dinar inc for their continued support of dinar review. Dinarinc has provided us with a promo code for you to gain a reduced price while purchasing from their website. When you make your pu... Read On

Recent Things.

We redid our anti-spam engine again and sadly as a result a few of our actual comments went missing, I have been recovering them and I believe were good to go. If I missed anything feel free to repost your comment. As always try to keep reviews to experiences you have had during your purchases! Secondly we would like to thank all posters for their diligent efforts. In other news alot of chatter in the dinar world check with your high-rated intel providers for more information.... Read On

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